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The honeymooners are thought to be heading for the south of France, via a week in Jamaica; the Homefield satellite broadband equipment is here and will soon be installed; the Colonsay Meteorological Observer (unpaid) is hoping to retire in the autumn after 25 years or more and would like to hear from anybody interested in the succession;  Ivan is welcomed back again, to manage the hotel for the 2015 season; Colonsay House Gardens are to be open on Saturdays as well as Wednesdays this year; Dugie’s croft (does anybody know its name?) has been transferred to Dave and Jan, who are very busy making it safe for horses whilst Walter is working to make the house wind and watertight;  John and Diane Clark have moved to one of the “new” houses in Dell Odhran, and Marion Kennedy has moved away to be closer to her family – rumour has it that Marion’s house will be leased to NHS for use by the island nurse; Lotta has been running a course in Polytunnel Gardening attended by 8 enthusiastic students; the pier and harbour are to be illuminated throughout the hours of darkness; Did you notice? – there is a little link to Last Minute Availability under Where to Stay on

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