The Costguard Lookout

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Would it be a good thing to restore this building? It would be a brilliant place for birdwatchers and photographers, especially during storms or for night sky photography and observation.  Years ago, the famous war photographer Don McCullin used to come to Colonsay for R&R, to concentrate on photographing storm conditions.  Now the world and his wife are claiming “dark skies” (even Coll, whose own light-pollution can be clearly seen from Colonsay!), but at least we have them – there are very few places polluting the night sky if you are looking from the CG Hut, not until you get to Canada.
It would also be a handy refuge for picnic parties on blustery or showery days – it would need seriously good windows, everything else should be within our local capabilities.

Old Colonsay Photographs
On the Grapevine
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