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The 75th anniversary of the tragic loss of the Arandora Star arises on 2nd July 2015, an event in which over 800 individuals perished.  The people of Colonsay were profoundly touched, since a number of the bodies were recovered locally.  The sinking was never forgotten locally and the thoughtful compassion of the Colbhasachs of that time was recently marked by the townspeople of Borgo Val di Taro when they granted honorary citizenship to the entire population of Colonsay.

Military historian Alan Davis has helped to keep the story alive and provided an excellent resource which is hosted on our community website at . To mark the anniversary he is working with Colonsay and Oronsay Heritage Trust to mount an exhibition this spring – it will open on Saturday 25th April, in time for both the Book Festival and the Festival of Spring.  There will also be an organised visit to the Colonsay cliff-top memorial for those who might be interested – further details will follow, and there will doubtless be a further commemorative event on 2nd July itself.

CCDC Extraordinary General Meeting
Colonsay Festival of Spring
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