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Gavin was away again! This time he was in the Canaries but he seemed to be making the best of it; Anne and Jim were on the High Seas once again; Dave and Jan are in Oz; Helen and Dell took Eve and Ella to Fuerteventura, they must be keen on islands; work on Hazel Cottage is going ahead well, the annexe found is in place and a new porch went up this week; two of the Housing Association properties had been made available and have now been re-allocated; the Planners at A&B do not relish a proposed rather modest wind-generator at  the Glebe but the income stream would be very helpful and the application will be pressed; Ivan is said to be returning to The Colonsay for the season; the Scottish Dancing classes each Wednesday at the Hall (7.30pm) are good fun, and open to all – grateful thanks to Seamus; meanwhile Christine and Shirley are on a boat somewhere in the Bahamas and missing the lessons; the Hall Committee has been very busy, the floor has been revarnished and the Upper Room has been much-improved; and The Corncrake is still short of a new editor – maybe after the CCDC EGM someone will come forward?

Oban Times March 8th, 1879
RSPB Wildlife Note December/January
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