COLONSAY Ploughing Match:  Competitions for ploughing supremacy were commenced on this island twenty-four years ago, and, with the exception of a few years’ break, have been continued to this day.  The last was held on the 14th ult. , on Kiloran farm, tenanted by Mr. William Stroyan.  The morning opened wet and unpromising, but as the day advanced the weather cleared up, with a sharp east wind, which, however bracing to the nerves of the competitors, nearly killed the onlookers, notwithstanding that they unceasingly poked away at their internal fires with bannocks and barley bree.  The judges were Mr Angus Campbell, Baleracrain [sic], and Mr. Alex MacNeill, Scalasaig.  Work commenced punctually to time, and was performed throughout with such skill, taste, and regularity that the judges had difficulty in deciding the destinations of two or three of the prizes.  The awards were as follows: 1. Alex. Weir Jur., Balnahard 15s.; 2 Donald Ban Macneill, Machrins, 12s 6d.;  3 Alex. Macneill jun., Kiloran 10s.; 4 Dugald McLellan, Scallasaig, 7s 6d.; 5 Alex. Meikle, Machrins.  Several  minor prizes were given for extras.
Weather: February, according to adage, came in with a serpent’s head, and went out with a peacock’s tail.
Note by KB: Angus Campbell in 1871 and 1881 was the farmer at Baleromindubh, so “Baleacrain” is a typesetter’s error or possibly an unrecorded name; it could conceivably be a jest.

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