Beached Whale

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A whale beached at Port Lobh recently and it seemed possible that it was an accidental stranding.  A very large number of people gave of their time to help keep it moist and as calm as possible; obviously expert advice was sought and followed throughout.  Because of tidal conditions the only hope of survival meant that it would have to be moved, a more difficult task than one might guess.  Joe used the Kiloran equipment with extraordinary dexterity and sensitivity whilst volunteers supported the length of the spine – the whale was successfully refloated but during the night it beached itself again and the decision had to be made to put an end to its suffering.  The whole affair was extraordinarily distressing but we have established useful contacts and hope to obtain suitable slings to be available for any such future event.

Absent Friends – And Others!



  1. Jenny Blant  November 11, 2014

    The terribly sad outcome of this experience was nevertheless somewhat relieved by the amazing spirit of cooperation and good intent shown by all who came to help. It was a privilege to be a part of the effort – and to be so close to such an incredible animal.


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