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Sadly, no time or space for a proper contribution this month, but as a member of the public (and in the spirit of The Skibbereen Eagle) your correspondent did notice a suggestion by Ms. Sturgeon, prospective leader of the SNP, that any decision by the UK government to leave the EC should be predicated upon the prior assent of the electorates of the constituent components of that United Kingdom.  In other words, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales should all vote, and any final decision would be based upon the result.
That seems fair enough, but why should that same principle not apply to decisions of the UK London government to drag us all into future military adventures?  It seemed easy enough for London to commit the country to war in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria – but, on a representative basis, how many of those “decision-makers” are affected?  Surely each country in the Union should be consulted in advance of these expensive undertakings of doubtful merit?
Whilst one is at it, we are told that Ebola is a grave threat to the whole world, which does seem entirely credible.  So why are we relying on the begging-bowl to address that threat?  If an asteroid was hurtling towards the earth, would “they” have a charitable whip-round to fund the response?  Or would they use their mandate and authority to respond timeously to the threat, and fund it from subsequent taxation in the normal way?

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