OK – this time Bill and Annie really have gone to Oz;  Argyll & Bute Planners came to give their views on possible wind-turbine locations and possible low-cost housing; the Screen-Machine came – an articulated lorry that transforms into a 100-seat luxurious cinema – and was warmly supported across four public performances plus a bonus one for the schoolchildren; beach-cleaning continues and that Balnahard eyesore really will be attacked in December; no progress yet on the two west windows in the Parish Church, estimate is still awaited; official figures show a dramatic reduction in passenger traffic to Colonsay: despite fares having been slashed by virtually half, traffic is supposedly down by 13% (hopefully simply less people staying for much longer!); Gavin is walking on air; Grace and Keir are getting married in February; Scott is spending the winter on a golf-course in Portugal; Chris Baker has taken to photography in a big way; there are over 1,000 Friends of Colonsay on FB; there is scaffolding at the Baptist Manse, major roof repairs;  CalMac were down to consult about the summer timetable and thankfully agreed to bin the idea of a 7.00 a.m. departure from Oban; Phil the Hill has successfully located the burst water pipe at Uragaig Bheag – Local Hero! it had defeated all other investigators for months on end; there are rumours of more new crofters, recently at Alistair Annie’s, new sub-tenants at Dugie’s and imminently new owners at Donmar;  lots of draining going on – a particularly fine example opposite the Black Gate, beautifully straight and a very neat 1:60 gradient.

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