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The most exciting news appeared on FaceBook – Colonsay is expecting a baby, hopefully about mid-summer, and we wish every happiness to the prospective parents and grandparents; Roz and Chris are hoping to move permanently into the island; the Argyll & Bute PC in the Service Point has been offline for three months, which means that it is unavailable for the registration of births, marriages or deaths; the editor had a fault on his BT telephone and broadband from November 24th until it was (fingers crossed) fixed on 27th December;  Richard and Tanis are keen to mark the 80th anniversary of the publication of Colonsay and Oronsay by John de Vere Loder – is a reprint of the 2nd edition a possibility? John Bridges is planning to grow a crop of wheat and is apparently slaving away on the restoration of an old binder; a plague of mice in Kilchattan seems to be thrilled by the humane trap and delighted by portions of Tunnock’s wafer, but it is costing a fortune in fuel to keep crossing to Oransay to release them;

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