Doctor in the Wildnerness

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It would be good to be fit and healthy for as long as possible, and any pointers in the right direction might be of value.  Many Colonsay folk will remember that the late Dr. Walter Yellowlees had some theories on the subject, and that he seemed to be living proof of their validity.  His book, Doctor in the Wilderness, is unfortunately no longer in print, but a copy was obtained online for £0.01 plus postage – a brilliant investment.  It is an excellent book, thoroughly enjoyable in its own right, and it transpires that Dr. Yellowlees was considerably ahead of his time.  Suffice to say that virtually everything that he advocated or predicted has been thoroughly justified in the light of subsequent experience, with the exception of a couple of things which remain uncertain.  If you have yet to take a stance on sugar, refined foods, organic vegetables or The Ultimate Question of Life, this book is for you.  He does not suggest faddish diets or peculiar regimens, but he does cover a lot of ground and draws attention to numerous conditions that might well be avoided by a little common sense.

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