CalMac Possible Disruptions

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There is a danger of disruption to our ferry services due to the necessity to offer the operation for competitive tendering; it is understood that SERCO is likely to bid against the existing operator and there are aspects of the situation which give concern to existing staff.  The same ships, terminals, fare structures and timetables would remain, as would the majority of existing seagoing and shore staff.  Unsurprisingly, staff would like a little more reassurance as to their job-security and pension arrangements in the event of a change of employer – this is a very vexed and sensitive issue which confronts both management and staff.  We know that representatives of both sides are genuinely trying to avoid confrontation and the affected communities are deeply sympathetic.

Intending travellers should ensure that they hold confirmed reservations, so as to minimise any difficulty in obtaining compensation for any additional costs or cancellation fees that could arise.  In addition to any compensation from CalMac itself, travellers should pay be credit card and also check that their own Travel Insurance is up to date.  Booked travellers who have supplied contact details will be advised of any problems and the latest details appear at:

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