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Other local activities include the Scottish Country Dancing practice sessions held on Wednesday evenings,led by Seamus and Christine and supported by about a dozen folk.  There is also a Badminton Group, meeting on Tuesdays (and sometimes Thursdays), there is the Quiz Night held every Friday (in the Pantry) and a new Gaelic Learners Course is about to commence.  People still use cars, but there is growing trend towards horses as well – almost 10% of the winter traffic is equine! Liz, Emma, Ros, Carrie and Gill are all to be seen on horseback enjoying this incredibly mild weather, a great joy to us all and maybe an encouragement to one or two others.  The former Thespian League is to be revived – a successful preliminary meeting was held on 22nd November.

Hannah has been busy getting everything ready for the new Colonsay App, and we gather that she would welcome some help in populating it with the initial content.  When it is up and running it will have daily updates on local news and activities, it will list all planned events, times for crossing to Oransay, opening times and contact details of all businesses and will also have a rolling list of accommodation availability over the next 28 days (to help offer any cancellations that might arise).  There will also be an inter-active map, with details about monuments, geology, natural history etc.  If you are in Colonsay, this will help to ensure that you don’t miss anything; and if you are not here you’ll know what you are missing and be kept in the loop with (almost) all the local gossip.

The Local Development Officers report that the Land Purchase project has made some progress (to provide “affordable housing and self-build plots”).  Draft Heads of Agreement were drawn up by Ailsa Raeburn (HIE) and Mike Russell and are under consideration / negotiation.

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