MacPhee Bagging

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The MacPhee Bagging project on May 4th was a great success – lots of people were there for the start and even the youngest children conquered the first three peaks. Support dwindled a little thereafter, but three people (and a dog) completed the full 21 miles and 21 peaks of the circuit. The event was to raise funds for Educational Travel for the Primary Schoolchildren, and a total of slightly more than £700 was raised, thanks to the very generous support of the sponsors. During the course of the day, the missing Direction Plate from the cairn on Beinn nan Gudairean was unexpectedly discovered, some 200 metres to the south of the cairn. Many hours had been spent in fruitless searching and there was a no-questions-asked reward still on offer in the sum of £1,000. By great good fortune, the plate was actually discovered by the person who had offered the reward, so there may even be a tax advantage! After all, the offer was as goodwill advertising and possibly a legitimate expense, whereas the receipt of it was perhaps a simple windfall… maybe we need to ask an MP for advice. Anyway, the plate is not badly damaged and Alex Howard is arranging for its restoration and re-instatement (an excuse for a great rededication ceremony in memory of David Todd and the Honourable Society of Colonsay Thiefs!).

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