That Dress!

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An incredible story arose after the wedding.  Seemingly Grace’s mother had been wondering about a dress that she thought of wearing, so she sent a picture to Grace for an opinion.  Due to some optical illusion (apparently due to individual “settings” of the visual spectrum) Grace, her mother and everybody else who looked at the dress saw it as Blue and Black, whereas people looking at the picture were divided – many especially refined and sophisticated persons saw it as being very definitely white and gold.  Caitlin McNeill thought this was interesting and mentioned it on a social media account and it quite suddenly went viral.  By the end of the week it was in the national papers as well and by Friday morning it had become the biggest “story” in the world.  By the time the editor of The Corncrake had heard about it, more than 22,000,000 people had already engaged with the debate about the colours, and the numbers were still rising, eventually passing 55 million.  If only each one had sent a pound to Caitlin to thank her for telling them about it….


Mr and Mrs Keir Johnston
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