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Fotunately, there is nothing much to say.  Despite the appalling conditions elsewhere, Colonsay was fairly fortunate – there was very little damage.  The wind did not often gust much over 70 knots, and for most people the damage caused by lightning was the worst, with widespread damage to telephone and broadband services.  It was the longest unbroken spell of high winds for over twenty years, about ten days in all, making it very hard to move around and for many people it was difficult to sleep at night.  Ferry and air services held up very well, with the majority in operation but causing unavoidable loss and inconvenience to some unfortunate travellers.  There was no snow or ice to speak of, but plenty of hail and a great deal of rain – the Dèabhaidh was impassable for three or four days.  Our picture shows a steady wind in excess of 40 knots blowing straight into Kiloran Bay on 31 January, a very unusual direction; the photographer was on top of Beinn Bheag and at that height the wind was much stronger, making it impossible to stand up.

Twenty is Plenty (Near Pedestrians)
CCDC Meeting 8th January
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