Nativity Play 18th December

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 A triumph! Without exception, the children were absolutely brilliant; Mary (Eve) brought forth the baby as readily as a rabbit from a hat, whilst Joseph (Seamus) was nothing if not supportive. The way in which the Shepherds (Ella, Rosie and Felix) showed their excitement was most impressive and the angelic nature of Gabriel (Emma) was a foil to the more earthy character of the Innkeeper (Jamie). Some people played more than one role (e.g. the Three Kings), but they drew the line at a pantomime horse for the Flight into Egypt and had a beautifully made model donkey instead.

The truly remarkable aspect was the quality of the singing – the choral harmony was excellent, Ella and Eve both sang splendid solos and everyone is to be congratulated on strong, confident diction and voice projection.

Grateful thanks to head-teacher Gill McKenzie and her team, Jodi, Sue and Shona. This was the first Nativity Play in the church for some years, and it attracted a large attendance. A collection was taken in aid of Mary’s Meals and generously supported.

School Christmas Dinner
The Christmas Tree
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