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  • Owing to some antediluvian anomaly (going back at least to the time of David MacBrayne) Colonsay suffers from mind-boggling freight charges – a lorry travelling from Oban to Colonsay return is surcharged £300 for the privilege, compared with the charge for the same lorry from Oban to Coll return.  Transport Scotland has been challenged about this, says it is not interested in doing anything about it before 2116, if then (despite the fact that the surcharge is clearly illegal under EC rules).


  • On Monday 24th at 10.00 a.m. a Colonsay BT telephone line developed a fault; the same line carries a vital business broadband connection so it was reported at once.  A promise was made but (it being BT) this was not trusted, so the fault was reported again on Tuesday and again on Thursday, when the exasperated BT person gave an ironclad guarantee that an engineer would call between 9.00 and 11.00 on Saturday  (“you have my word, please do not worry”).  Saturday came, no engineer – what explanation?  “There is nothing we can do, you live on an island.  We will send an engineer next Saturday instead.”
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