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Capt. MacKinnon
John MacArthur of Uragaig was related to Dougie MacKinnon, working as a gamekeeper in Dumfries, and encouraged him to move to Colonsay in the late 1940s or so; the exact relationship is uncertain, possibly going back to a connection in the Ross of Mull. Dougie MacKinnon had a brother who had emigrated to Canada and was a sea captain (Master Mariner).  He visited Dougie in Colonsay in the 1950s but died soon afterwards on his return to Canada.  John MacArthur’s grandson would be very glad to know of any further details as he will be visiting Ontario and would like to connect with any extended family there.

Betty Paton d. December 2014
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  1. JOHN MACDONALD  May 16, 2017

    I have now made contact with the MacKinnons in Vancouver and Victoria BC. It turns out that the late mother of x2 of the ladies I am now in close contact with was the secretary to the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band. (Small World)

    It turns out that Captain Duncan MacKinnon (who turns out to not be a direct connection with Doogie ) had returned to Scotland and lived with a Sister in Dunure before he passed away around 1950. He was married to a Christina Paterson from Berneray whom he had left in Vancouver. X2 other Brothers had followed Duncan from Mull and worked for the Canadian Pacific Steamship Company. All had become steamship Captains.


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