The Direction Plate

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Readers may have seen a notice, still online together with a picture : MISSING: This important and valuable bronze direction plate disappeared from Beinn a’ Gudairean between September 8th and Christmas 2011; if you can help trace it, please get in touch.  The police investigation remains open, Case Ref: LB01220612 and they will welcome information…. A reward of £1,000 can be paid to whoever can find it and get it safely returned… no questions asked.


Incredibly, after hours of fruitless searching over the years, the plate was discovered yesterday, barely 6ft from the heavily-used main path from the Old Road to the trig-point.  It was a bit bent and badly weathered but intact.  Steps will now be taken for its restoration and subsequent very secure re-instatement.  Happily the finder has waived the reward!

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