Water Pressure in Kilchattan

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Island residents will recall the catastrophic house-fire which occurred in December 2013 in the house occupied by Trevor and Yasmin Crowe.  One of the issues raised after the calamity was the weak water pressure in the area.  Neighbours expressed concern that, if a fire was to start in another house in the area, the low pressure would, once, again, hamper the valiant efforts of our fire-fighters.

Scottish Water have now written to local residents with a solution.  Trish Wilson, Communities Advisor, writes: “We are now in a position to deliver a project which will alleviate these issues….The proposed work involves installing a small pumping station, which will be housed in a kiosk”.

They can’t yet give a date for completion, as there needs to be a new layby constructed (for access); the Planning application for this is to be submitted in the next few months.  Although the Scottish Water construction team will not appear for some time, local residents have expressed their gratification: “It’s great that Scottish Water has taken our case seriously and that they have come up with a solution; it will take a weight off our minds”, said one of the affected parties. SW

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