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There is a moment in everyone’s life when they have the ultimate realization… an epiphany if you will. They realize that beyond everything that this world has to offer, beyond our lives, beyond our wars, beyond our loves, and beyond our hate, that there is so much more out there… Yes my friends it is the realization of insignificance. The moment when each of us realize how infinitesimally small we are in the grand design of the universe. In that moment, that singularity of oneness with everything, there is no black and white, no brown or yellow, no Christian or Muslim, no gay or straight. There is no difference between you and every other grain of sand across the expanse of space and time. In that moment all we have to judge is ourselves. How have our lives impacted the universe? Though the waves we may create are unbelievably small, waves they still are. They travel outward in ripples cascading into the waves of others. What will be your legacy? How will you choose to lead your life once you have your epiphany? If you have not had it yet I invite you to watch this video and share with me the absolute awe and wonder that it inspires. View the world and what lay beyond with new eyes and feel that realization wash over you in a torrent of amazed emotion. Forget for just a moment what you have been told to think or feel and just let the universe in… I promise you when it hits you it will take your breath away and hopefully, like me, because of that epiphany, you will never be the same…

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