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Rumour has it that there is the possibility of a newly-arriving family for Colonsay; Seamus is finding it hard to run both the farm and the port, so is standing aside for a replacement recruited from within CalMac (applications have now closed);  Colonsay Estate has plans to develop a new “woodlands policy” which will aim to protect existing ancient woodland, rejuvenate where necessary and explore additional opportunities (maybe Biomass?) – there is even the possibility of work for a wood-ranger;  Marine Harvest are to meet the community shortly in connection with the new fishfarm, for which they have been recruiting (work due to commence in April 2015, operational within the year); planning is to be renewed for a site at Uragaig, a site is for sale at Glassard, a house is for sale at Glassard, another site at KIlchattan, and negotiations continue towards the creation of “affordable housing”; there is some disquiet locally as to whether or not A&B Planning Department is up to the job, it is wondered if strange things seem to be being approved or going through “on the nod”; Colonsay Harbour Users met with CalMac and are committed to further proactive development; Seamus and Christine launched Highland Dancing sessions last week, very well attended, and cakes too; Kevin and Christa had a week’s holiday in a motor-home touring Northumberland; Gavin seems to be in New York for his birthday with Jim and Anne, on the point of departure for a cruise; Bill and Annie are away to visit Australia.

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