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Unicycle! – A full non-stop circuit of Colonsay by unicycle… has this been done before?! (OK, we own up, there was an ice cream stop at the shop). Uphill sections are hard work, but downhill is just as bad because there are no brakes and there is no option to freewheel. Three cheers to the group of German cyclists wDisplaying Colonsay 21 Aug 2015_0043 - Copy.jpgColonsay 21 Aug 2015_0041 - Copy
ho stood and applauded before the descent down to Glassard and Scalasaig. But that  final bend up to Uragaig meant they couldn’t quite reach Watty’s without having to push!

You will see one photo shows a member of the back up team trying to keep up by using a strange contraption with two wheels. The other member – me – worked as the official photographer and supplier of midget gems.Colonsay 21 Aug 2015_0043 - Copy (1)

This was last August but I’d been waiting for The Corncrake to come back to life!



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