Politics is show business for ugly people opined Texas Political consultant Bill Miller in 1991.  He was , I am sure, merely echoing the distaste for organised politics that exists across the world and which sees politicians as noisy combatants in someone else’s war.

But the reality of Scotland today is that our political discourse has come alive and is including for more than just politicians.   I am in the process of holding village meetings right across Argyll & Bute to present the facts – as I see them of course-  of Independence and offering the opportunity for anyone to grill, toast or fry me about the detail of the Scottish Government’s White Paper on Independence, Scotland’s Future.

I hope to hold one of those meetings on Colonsay before the vote on the 18th of September but the island was of course the venue for an early debate on the issue which involved Jamie McGrigor, the Tory MSP and myself back in early April 2013.

Much has changed since then.   The full economic, social, cultural and governmental case has been outlined by the Scottish Government in great detail.   Figures have been bandied about by both sides but all sides now appear to accept that Scotland could be an independent country.   Even David Cameron has said as much.   The question presently being fought over is whether Scotland should make that choice.  

The second American President John Adams wrote in 1776 that he was living in a time in which , uniquely, his fellow citizens had the “opportunity of beginning government anew from the foundation and building as they choose.”    That is, amazingly, the opportunity that has been given to this generation too.   That, I believe, is too good an opportunity to miss.

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