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Bob and Alison liked this so much they thought they would share it with Corncrake readers.  If you have a recipe you thinks deserves to be shared please email
SPRING  LUNCH  for two

This is what we had today, 27th May, making use of our new flush of homegrown  salad greens and herbs, and eaten in the garden of course, on such a gorgeous day!

Mussels and Chorizo in Garlic Butter
Salad with sunflower and pumpkin seeds
Home-baked Wholemeal loaf
Rough measurements:
4-6oz previously cooked and shelled local mussels.
2-3oz chorizo finely chopped
1oz butter, melted over gentle heat
Couple of cloves of garlic crushed and added to butter, then chorizo and mussels added and gently sizzled for a few minutes.

Ours was made up of home-grown rocket, mustard greens and some other unlabelled green crinkly leaf, plus rosemary, sage, oregano and chives finely chopped.
Also added some chopped celery, some sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chopped yellow and red pepper and quartered tomatoes. (Hopefully most of these will also be available in the garden before long.)
All tossed in vinaigrette of olive oil and balsamic.
Hand-made home-made  bread – half and half strong wholemeal and strong white flour. (Sorry we haven’t managed to grow wheat yet, so this was shop-bought )
Ideally this might be washed down on a non-working day with a glass of dry white – we just had iced Colonsay water (passed by Donald and Cammie!)

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