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This is the live edition of the Corncrake for May 2018.

News and events are added to this edition as they are advertised or occur, or at least come to the attention of the Corncrake, and are updated as events unfold or new information is received.

The “Live News” will form the basis for the “Front Page” of the Corncrake published at the end of the month.

Please email the Corncrake Editor with news of news, wise corrections or helpful additions:



Although late this year, Spring is definitely here with calving and lambing well underway on the Kiloran and Balnahard farms.  The beginning of May sees too the annual Spring Festival, which opens just as the Book Festival closes its doors.

Unusually for Spring, there is continuing disruption to the CalMac timetable, because of “operational” issues, which the Corncrake understands to be issues with returning the Clansman to service following its annual overhaul.

Spring Festival

The Spring Festival has now finished after 3 hugely successful weeks.  It has been another highly enjoyable program of classes, courses and events organised and managed by Sarah Hobhouse, and delivered by her army of experts.

Colonsay Community Council – Note New MeetingTime 

The first meeting of the newly appointed Community Council will be on Tuesday 29th May, at 6:30pm in the Village Hall.  The Corncrake has been advised that the new councillors are David Hobhouse; Alex Howard; Jane Howard and Keith Rutherford.  The Corncrake understands that the forthcoming meeting is a public meeting to which all are welcome, and that two further residents can be co-opted on to the council, and this may happen at this meeting.

This agenda has been received by the Corncrake:

Public Meeting of Colonsay Community Council


Tuesday 29th May 2018 at 6.30pm in the Colonsay Village hall



Convener                    Keith Rutherford

Vice Convener            Alex Howard

Treasurer                    David Hobhouse

Secretary (interim)     Jane Howard

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3. Declarations of Interest
  4. Marine Harvest planning consultation
  5. Fire brigade recruitment
  6. Community Benefit Trust Governance re Marine Harvest funds
  7. Ferry timetable 2019 consultation
  8. Potential co-option of up to 2 community councillors
  9. Marine Litter campaign
  10. Planning applications
  11. Any Other Business
  12. Date of next meeting


Letter to the Editor

On the topic of the Community Council, the following is the text of a letter from Scott Weatherstone recently received by the Editor of the Corncrake.  Although the information above answers in part the questions raised, the Editor believes it appropriate that the Corncrake continue to be a conduit for transparency, and to allow members of the community to share their reasonable concerns and, as Scott Weatherstone does, to request information and clarification, in a courteous and respectful way.

“Dear Editor,

Suggestions of recent changes to our Community Council have been a common topic of conversation amongst residents in recent days.  Nobody seems to have accurate information; the purpose of my letter is to ask for clarification from the Community Council.  This is important for all full-time residents, the official purpose of Community Councils in Scotland being “to ascertain and express the views of the community to the local authority and other public bodies”.

May I therefore ask the Chair to name the current Community Councillors and state when they were elected?  Could s/he please also confirm where and when the last Annual General Meeting took place, when the last routine meeting took place, how many members of the public were present at each and when the next AGM will take place?

I’m asking these questions via the columns of the Corncrake* and would be very grateful for a reply through the same channel, so that this important information is available to the whole community,

Many thanks in advance,

Scott Weatherstone (in an individual capacity).

*for which I thank the Editor.”

CalMac Disruption

Unfortunately, there is continuing disruption to CalMac’s services, not only to Colonsay, but also across the whole of the Hebrides.  CalMac continues to make changes to the timetable to Colonsay for the rest of May.  The normal timetable is here:
Colonsay Timetable – Summer 2018

More information on changes to this timetable is on the CalMac website here:
Calmac Colonsay Ferry Status

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