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This is the live edition of the Corncrake for March 2018.

News and events are added to this edition as they are advertised or occur, or at least come to the attention of the Corncrake, and are updated as events unfold or new information is received.

The “Live News” will form the basis for the “Front Page” of the Corncrake published at the end of the month.

Please email the Corncrake Editor with news of news and events, corrections or additions:

Live News

The Pantry Café Make-over 

The island’s main café, The Pantry, has had a major makeover, and has now reopened with a party to celebrate 30 years of serving visitors and locals.

30 years of The Pantry: May cuts the cake while Gavin and James applaud

The makeover has included reflooring, redecorating and refurnishing the 30 year old island venue to bring a contemporary bistro feel.  Along with the makeover, Gavin Clark, the café’s owner, announced the launch of a new menu featuring fresh local ingredients, including local seafood for the popular “Seafood Night”, which is every Wednesday evening through the summer.  The makeover and the new menu reflect The Pantry’s move, Gavin says, to being an evening dining spot, as well as serving customers through the day.

While The Pantry was closed Gavin held a series of highly popular and successful pop-up events in the Community Hall.


Italian Dinner

The Kilchattan School Parent Council organized an Italian Dinner, Quiz and Raffle on Friday 16th March at the Village Hall. For more details and to book contact the Colonsay Village Store.  Early reports are that the evening was a huge success raising over £750 pounds, and was much enjoyed by the 50+ diners.  (More to follow)


Hebridean Whale Trail

On Thursday, 8th March, Karl Stevens and Siobhan Moran from the Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust came to Colonsay to introduce the Hebridean Whale Trial the Trust is beginning to develop. Karl and Siobhan gave a presentation at the Colonsay & Oronsay Heritage Centre about the whale and dolphin population in the Hebrides, highlighting the size and diversity of cetaceans found here. The Hebridean Whale Trail will provide information to encourage whale and dolphin watching, and foster understanding of the many species found in our waters. (more to follow)

Easter Shoot

The Colonsay & Oronsay Gun Club held their annual Easter Shoot at the Colonsay Golf Course on Saturday 31st March.

Winners with their trophies at the chilly but enjoyable 2018 Easter Shoot

The prize winners for the Annual Easter shooting match were:

Angus & Ella McFadyen Memorial cup:

1st Freddie Onn; 2nd Dave Binnie; 3rd Donald MacAllister

David Clark Cup:

1st Freddie Onn; 2nd Chris Nisbet; 3rd Donald MacAllister

Morag Paris Basket:

1st Chris Nisbet; 2nd Freddie Onn; 3rd John Griffirths

Championship cup:

1st John Griffiths:  2nd Chris Nisbet; 3rd Dave Binnie

Milican Cup:

1st Freddie Onn; 2nd Dave Binnie; 3rd Chris Nisbet

Hester McAllister cup ( Double Rise ):

1st Angus McFadyen; 2nd Dave Binnie; 3rd John Griffirths

Alasdair McNeill Memorial cup (Aggregate

1st Freddie Onn; 2nd Chris Nisbet; 3rd John Griffiths

Ladies cup: Leah Kerry

Boys cup: Ewan McFadyen


Recycling on Colonsay

A new group, The Colonsay Recycling Squad, has formed to “pave the way for recycling and composting on Colonsay”.  They held their first meeting on Wednesday 28th March.

The group’s stated aim is to help Colonsay deal with waste more effectively, and to make good use of the soon to be installed community owned Ridan Composter, which is designed for all food waste, green waste and wood. The group is looking for enthusiasm, energy and any constructive ideas, and all are welcome to join.

Any one interested but was unable to attend should contact Roz Jewell whose email address is:


Book Festival

Posters are going up for the Book Festival which is just a month away…


Community Garden

Over at the Community Garden a project has started to build dry stone walls to replace wooden sleepers that have edged the flower beds. (more to follow)

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